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Peter Parker Done Right — Breaking Down Amazing Spider-Man 2


It’s been a good long while since I’ve delved into my blog here to post my own musings, so I’ve decided to keep my writing skills sharp this weekend by providing another entry. Whereas most of my discussions and articles talk about wrestling and games, here I’m going to delve into a subject that falls into the “many things” category of the headline on the top of this blog’s page.

Just four hours ago, I emerged from a movie theater having watched Amazing Spider-Man 2. Going in, I was full of worry and doubt despite my appreciation and satisfaction with the first installment of this rebooted wall crawler film saga. Critics were trashing it for issues such as villain clutter and the dichotomy between Spider-Man and Peter Parker. What I should have realized then, and do now having watched the film firsthand, is that these complaints were mostly either unfounded or the critics just don’t seem to fully grasp the history and essence of Spider-Man.

Quite contrary to these critics, I found the film to be a perfect representation of both Peter Parker himself and the world in which he lives and has lived in throughout his long comic book run. I’ll break down exactly what I enjoyed about it and why below. But be warned, you are entering spoiler territory from here on out.

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