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Welcome to MikeWMurphy.com

Hey there everyone and welcome to Mike W Murphy .com.

My name is so popular — in general, not personally — that I had to pop that middle initial in, so don’t forget it when you decide to return. Or just save it to your bookmarks, that’ll be even cooler.

This is now the location of my online portfolio, which for some reason until now I hadn’t gone about putting together. This will feature my articles, interviews, podcasts, and videos (sans Co-Op Node). When I post something live, it’ll go right over here as well so you can see it. I’ll also be sure to make the occasional blog post when I get the time and a subject really gets me jonesing to jump on top of a soap box.

As of now I’m merely writing for GamerNode, but I’m hoping to start getting in some freelance work and I’m kicking around the idea of starting a new podcast soon. As a result, I figured it’d be best to get this baby going now before I get overwhelmed.

Thanks for taking a look at my work! Enjoy!