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Monthly Archives: November 2014

WWE.com — Your WWE 2K15 secret weapon: Head Coach Bill DeMott

“WWE 2K15 has arrived, introducing players to the next generation of video games and giving insight into the arduous training that comes with becoming a WWE Superstar.

This year, the series introduces MyCareer, a revolutionary new mode that puts players into the boots of a WWE prospect looking to make his way to NXT, the main roster and beyond. To fulfill that ambition and present the most authentic recreation of the trials and tribulations that real WWE prospects endure on a daily basis, WWE 2K15 made sure to include the most important figure in that training process: WWE Head Coach Bill DeMott.”

Link: http://www.wwe.com/inside/2k/wwe-2k15/your-wwe-2k15-secret-weapon-head-coach-bill-demott


WWE.com — Editors’ Choice: Who is the future of WWE?

“Seth Rollins likes to call himself “the living, breathing future of WWE.” Even if he only got that moniker thanks to a glowing endorsement from his benefactor, Triple H (who, ahem, must have heard it first on WWE.com), the claim has some legs. Mr. Money in the Bank is nothing if not one of the most dynamic, versatile and physically gifted Superstars the WWE Universe has seen in years: A Jeff Hardy-style daredevil with a well-earned dash of megalomania to go with it, Rollins really does have it all.

Still, he’s certainly not the only guy in contention to be “the future.” Rollins has blinders on, as well he must, but there’s an astounding crop of talent sprouting around him even as he continues to reach both literal and figurative heights in his very young career. Just as we predicted Rollins as a future main-eventer all those months ago, WWE.com editors again regroup to select the Superstars (and Diva) we’ve pegged as the future of WWE. Plan accordingly.”

Link: http://www.wwe.com/inside/10-superstars-who-could-be-the-future-of-wwe

WWE.com — The 100 best matches to see before you die

“What are the best matches ever?

Who knows? We haven’t seen every single match ever. That’s damn near impossible, unless you’ve somehow been to every single mat contest since George Hackenschmidt won the World Title in 1905. What we have done, however, is watched every single match on WWE Network. From WrestleMania 30 to ECW Hardcore TV #97, we’ve reviewed everything available on WWE’s groundbreaking streaming platform, and done our very best to rank its greatest 100 matches.”

Link: http://www.wwe.com/classics/100-best-matches

Note: I had two entries in what was a gigantic collaborative effort by all WWE.com editors and a few outside contributors.

WWE.com — 10 finishing moves we want to see brought back

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This is especially true when one considers some of sports-entertainment’s greatest finishing maneuvers. Although some moves can never be replicated, there are a number of famous finishers throughout history that have been duplicated with great success.

Recently, Dean Ambrose started putting away opponents with a maneuver made famous by Mick Foley, the Double Arm DDT. Since we at WWE.com are a nostalgic bunch, we started thinking about other forgotten finishing moves that could be used again inside the squared circle. These are 10 finishers we want to see brought back, and the Superstars we think should use them.”

Link: http://www.wwe.com/inside/10-finishing-moves-we-want-brought-back